What are mink lashes?

Mink lashes.

Whether you’re new to the falsies world or a long-time fan, these are two words that you absolutely need to know. An essential false lash style that everyone should have in their makeup bag.

But why? What exactly are mink eyelashes? And what’s all the hype about?

Read on for the lowdown.


The fullest, fluffiest lashes you ever did see

Mink lashes

So here’s the deal – mink eyelashes are the crème de la crème of falsies.

Deemed the most luxurious false lashes currently available, they’re known for their natural yet ultra-voluminous appearance. Designed to create the illusion of much thicker and fuller lashes, they have the power to elevate your makeup look in seconds. i.e. they’re something any self-respecting beauty aficionado cannot be without.

Real mink lashes are crafted from the fur of minks (a small fluffy animal similar to a ferret, in case you’re wondering). Their fluffy tails are gently brushed, allowing the naturally soft and curly fur to be collected. Before it’s sanitised, dyed and transformed into the miracle that is mink false lashes.

Unsurprisingly, they have an incredibly soft ‘au naturel’ appearance. Which, coupled with their length, volume and fluffiness, is perfect for creating a lush fluttery look.

At one point, real mink lashes were the only option available – but this is 2023 babe.  The industry has evolved with the times and now, thanks to technology, faux mink lashes are also available. These have the same characteristic natural yet voluminous look as the real deal – that’s why they’re called ‘mink lashes’. Yet no minks are involved in their creation. They’re made from soft synthetic fibres instead.

Illustration of 3D and 6D mink lashes


What’s the difference between 3D and 6D mink lashes?

You guessed it, ‘D’ stands for dimension – but no need to grab your 3D cinema glasses.

3D mink lashes are simply strip lashes (made from mink or faux mink), in which three individual extensions are applied to each lash to create a fan. For 6D mink lashes, six individual extensions are applied to each lash – creating an even bigger fan.

The main difference between the two, therefore, is volume.

3D styles are significantly thicker and fuller than classic falsies. To make the most of mink’s natural fluffiness, the number of lashes is tripled – and that’s why they’re so popular! But 6D styles take things one step further, doubling the number of lashes again to create a bold look with impact.


Mink eyelashes available at DOL


Mink lashes at DOL

Whether you’re a real fur or fake kinda gal, we’ve got it covered.

As the UK’s highest rated strip lash brand, naturally, we offer a selection of both 3D luxury mink lashes and 6D mink lashes. All of which look uber natural (because they are), whilst still providing the length, volume and fluffiness that you 100% need in your falsies.

We also have lots of faux mink lashes to choose from. In fact, our faux varieties tend to be our best-sellers – particularly MISS FOX, VIP and SOULMATE – and it’s easy to understand why…


Benefit of DOL faux mink lashes

They create a stunning ‘mink’ effect

Soft, wispy lash strands – reminiscent of real mink – are layered into 3D styles. All of which have a super full yet lightweight natural look.

Perfect for creating glam eyes, without going OTT.


Benefit of DOL faux mink lashes

They’re vegan

Made from faux mink using our UNYQTM Lash Technology, they’re completely vegan. Which means, if you’d rather leave the cute fluffy minks out of the equation, you can – whilst still enjoying the same look.


Benefit of DOL faux mink lashes

They’re re-usable

Pop them on up to 30 times or more.

Our faux mink lashes are easy to apply and remove, they won’t cause any damage to your natural lashes and there’s little chance of irritation.

Benefit of DOL faux mink lashes

They’re kind to your credit card

Get the mink look for less. Our strips cost £10 for one pack – which works out at just 36p per wear. 36p a day? For lashes that look like mink extensions? Yep, it’s criminal.

Don’t waste a penny more, and delete your lash tech’s number, pronto.


Mink false lashes available at Dose of Lashes


Ready to give them a go?

It’s about time, too.

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