Power In The Blend 30 Piece Brush Set


Get ready to level up your makeup game with our Power In The Blend 30 piece makeup brush set!

These makeup brushes are made from synthetic hair, which took us 12 months to perfect. Making these brushes super soft and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. This set has it all whether you're doing full coverage, lips, eyes this set has all the tools for the job.

All 30 piece sets also come with a free signature pink makeup bag worth £15 to store your brushes in. Which is 100% faux leather and vegan.

DOL10 - Fine Eyeliner
DOL13 - Fluffy Pencil
DOL14 - Short Smudge
DOL16 - Lip Liner
DOL17 - Precision Crease
DOL18 - Angled Brow
DOL19 - Oval Concealer
DOL2 - Large Domed Powder
DOL20 - Brow Styler
DOL21 - Paddle
DOL22 - Precision Pencil
DOL23 - Flat Fluffy Shader
DOL24 - Small Setting Brush
DOL25 - Loose Powder
DOL26 - Flat Top Buffer
DOL27 - Domed Buffer
DOL28 - Baby Buffer
DOL30 - Precise Buffer
DOL31 - Tall Tapered Blender
DOL32 - Tapered Crease Blender
DOL33 - Tapered Highlight
DOL35 - Mini Blender
DOL36 - Pointed Blender
DOL37 - Tulip Powder
DOL39 - Oval Powder
DOL4 - Oval Foundation
DOL40 - Duo Oval Foundation
DOL5 - Tapered Finishing Brush
DOL6 - Precision Blush
DOL8 - Colour Applicator

This brush set is made from the finest synthetic hair which took us 12 months to source and perfect. The brushes are super soft and extremely gentle making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

This set is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free.