ProLash Curler


The ProLash Curler has been designed to deliver a precise curl and lift along the entire curve of the lash line.

The handle allows you to hold the curler comfortably, with the soft silicone pad protecting your lashes for a damage-free curl.

Specialised Comb Attachment

Moulded Handles

Lifetime Lash Pad

Made from Stainless Steel


Curved Apex

Specialised Comb Attachment - guides your individual eyelashes into a stunning curl in just a single squeeze!

Moulded Handles - are specially designed with a curve to allow your fingers to rest securely and allow you to comfortably curl your lashes, without any discomfort!

Lifetime Lash Pad - unlike traditional eyelash curlers there's no need to replace the silicone pad as it is designed to last the lifetime of the product.